Help For Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders

Dr. Taji Huang treats eating disorders in Glendale, California, including anorexia, bulimia, and overeating disorders. If you are looking for someone to help you or your loved one overcome an eating disorder, contact Dr. Taji Huang. She has experience in treating the various eating disorders affecting adults in today’s society.

Eating Disorder Therapy

Eating disorders are very serious health conditions that usually require the help of a professional therapist to overcome. Eating disorders can be both emotionally and physically destructive to an individual. If you believe that you or your loved one may have an eating disorder, it is important to seek professional help early on to enhance recovery. Early diagnosis is important because this condition can worsen over time and become debilitating, chronic, and in some cases, life threatening. It can affect a person’s health, happiness, and ability to concentrate. Dr. Taji’s treatments include a long lasting form of psychotherapy or psychological counseling and careful attention to nutritional and medical needs. Each treatment is uniquely tailored to the individual and varies according to the disease and how severely it has progressed.

The Damage Anorexia Can Do

Anorexia occurs when an individual changes their eating habits, thoughts, and life in order to become as thin and possible. A never-ending need to lose weight overshadows their entire life, and they become fixated on becoming ever thinner. They may refuse to maintain a normal healthy body weight, they have a distorted self-body image, and they have a fear of gaining weight. They are never satisfied with how thin they become and are constantly worried about losing weight even if they are already overly slender.

The Many Forms Of Bulimia

Bulimia includes punishing yourself for overeating by purging, excessively exercising, or fasting to get rid calories. This very unhealthy practice can take a toll on your body and affect you emotionally. Individuals suffering this way need help to create a healthier relationship with eating and overcoming their feelings of shame towards eating. This disease affects both women and men of all ages.

Overeating Can Also Be A Disorder

Compulsive overeating is just as much a problem as anorexia and bulimia but can be overcome with professional treatment. Compulsive overeating means that an individual has an addiction to food. They may use eating as a way to hide their emotions, a coping mechanism, to fill a void, or to deal with stress on a daily basis. A person who suffers from this disorder is at risk for heart attacks, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels, kidney disease, stroke, arthritis, or bone deterioration.

If you feel that you or your loved one has one of these eating disorders, call Dr. Taji Huang in Glendale today to schedule an appointment so she can assess your situation, and if need be, help you get you the treatment you need.

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