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How Does Disordered Attachment Affect Mental Health?

Severe childhood trauma, such as abuse and neglect, can cause a disorganized or "fearful-avoidant" style of attachment. This style combines elements of the avoidant style with those displayed in the anxious-preoccupied style creating a sort of push-pull dynamic with your partner. That being said, attachment styles are dynamic and subject to change throughout your life, so you can absolutely develop a healthier one through therapy, introspection, communication skills, and self-care. Understand The Roots Of Disorganized Attachment Attachment theory states that our [...]

Why We Push People Away: Avoidant Attachment in Adults

Attachment styles are patterns of relating to people that we develop as children and that shape our adult relationships. Avoidant attachment is an insecure type that can make it harder to form and maintain close relationships. If you have this particular style, you might find it hard to find a date, have "commitment issues," or often find that your partner is often mad at you, but the good news is that there are steps you can take to change [...]

Ambivalent Attachment

Ambivalent attachment, also known as anxious preoccupied or anxious ambivalent attachment, is one of the four main patterns of relating to people identified in attachment theory. This theory suggests that how we relate to our primary caregivers in childhood influences how we form and maintain relationships throughout our lives. Understand The Roots Of Ambivalent Attachment Individuals with ambivalent styles typically had caregivers who were inconsistently available or responsive during their childhood. As a result, they craved the attention they were not [...]

Secure Attachments In Adult Relationships

Secure attachment is a crucial component in healthy adult relationships characterized by trust, empathy, and mutual respect. In contrast, insecure attachment styles can lead to many negative consequences in relationships. Despite being rooted in early childhood experiences and trauma from past relationships, these styles are responsive to change with the right tools and effort. An experienced couples counselor like Dr. Taji Huang can help with that. Trust & Self-Esteem Helps Relationships People usually develop a secure attachment style as a result [...]

What Are Attachment Styles?

If you and your partner struggle to understand each other's feelings and keep rehashing the same arguments over and over, mismatching attachment styles might be to blame. This becomes especially apparent in romantic partnerships, in which emotional intimacy is key. The 4 Main Attachment Styles Attachment theory states that how your primary caregivers interacted with you as a child directly affects your way of relating to others as an adult. Anxious-Preoccupied Dismissive-Avoidant Fearful-Avoidant Or “Disorganized” Secure Anxious-Preoccupied Attachment People with the anxious attachment type tend to fear abandonment [...]

7 New Year’s Resolutions For Couples

New Year's is a great time to reflect on the past and set goals for the future. As couples, it can be especially beneficial to take some time to think about your relationship and make resolutions that will help you grow and strengthen your bond. Whether you're looking for ways to improve communication, rekindle the "spark" you once had, or tackle more challenging issues, here are a few New Year's resolutions for couples to consider. 7 Relationship Goals For The [...]

9 Social Phobias & What You Can Do About Them

Social phobia, also known as social anxiety disorder, is a fear of being judged and evaluated negatively when interacting with other people. It can manifest as specific fears, such as fear of public speaking or eating in front of others, or as an overall feeling of discomfort. What Does Social Anxiety Look Like? Social anxiety exists on a spectrum—ranging from feeling nervous introducing yourself to strangers, to struggling to complete tasks while being observed, to not being able to leave the [...]

7 Signs It’s Time to See a Therapist

Many people think of therapy as a last resort to turn to in only the direst of mental health crises. However, this simply isn't the case, as therapy can benefit anybody at any time. There are so many good reasons to seek out professional support—and it’s time for our society to abandon the stigma surrounding mental health topics. 7 Signs It’s Time to See a Therapist You feel like you’re constantly struggling and don’t know how to cope. Negative thoughts [...]

What Is Depersonalization-Derealization?

If you feel deeply disconnected from your mind, body, feelings, memories, or the world around you, you may be experiencing common symptoms of a condition called depersonalization-derealization disorder (DPDR). The symptoms of DPDR are very real and debilitating, making it difficult for people with the condition to cope with everyday life. However, it is treatable, and an experienced trauma and anxiety therapist such as Dr. Taji Huang, PhD in Glendale, CA can help you identify ways to feel safe, [...]

How To Help Someone Having A Panic Attack

Panic attacks can happen to anyone, but they're an especially common occurrence for those suffering from anxiety or panic disorder. It can be difficult to watch someone you care about have a panic attack, especially if you don't know what they're experiencing, so it's important to learn how to help them. If your loved one lives near Glendale, CA, Dr. Taji Huang can help. What Causes Panic Attacks? Many mental health conditions can cause panic attacks, although they can happen to anyone even if [...]

7 Tips For Managing Work Anxiety

Coping with work-related anxiety and stress can be extremely challenging, from learning how to tell people "no" to prioritizing what feels like an overwhelming workload. But you don't have to suffer alone. In Glendale, CA, Dr. Taji Huang, a licensed psychologist and mental health counselor with extensive experience treating anxiety, can help you learn how to manage workplace stress. 7 Ways To Manage Job Anxiety Learn your triggers Practice grounding techniques Maintain healthy habits & work-life balance Prioritize your tasks [...]

A Domestic Violence Survivors Guide To Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day can be an incredibly challenging time if you’ve been hurt by someone you loved. Don't let this couple's holiday catch you off guard. We've put together 5 helpful tips to help you on your healing journey. How To Get Through Valentine's Day As A Domestic Violence Survivor Identify Your Triggers Surround Yourself With Kind & Loving People Set Boundaries Prioritize Your Own Needs Talk To A Therapist 1. Flowers, Chocolates - Identify Your Triggers It’s possible that certain situations, objects, [...]

Make Marriage Counseling Your New Year’s Resolution

There's never a "wrong" time to make a resolution to improve your marriage, but many people feel inspired to do so at the beginning of the year. If you want to make improving your marriage your New Year's resolution, Dr. Taji Huang offers couples counseling in Glendale, CA. New Year's Resolutions For Couples Learn Your Partner's Love Language Intentionally Be More Thoughtful Make Time For Intimacy Learn New Things About Each Other Practice Mindfulness & Appreciation Schedule Time To Discuss [...]

How To Get Through Your First Christmas After A Death

Losing a loved one can make the holiday season unbearable. Even years after bereavement, the emotional wounds may still feel new, especially during special occasions that stir up old memories and remind you of your loss. Although you may feel hopeless or like the pain will never end, Dr. Taji Huang can help you make it through the first Christmas after a loved one's passing. Tips To Cope With Grief During The Holidays Remember That Grief Can Manifest In Many [...]

Manage OCD Over The Holidays

If obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is causing you to dread the upcoming holiday season, Dr. Taji Huang can help you overcome your fears in Glendale, CA. With over a decade of experience in cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy, she can help you finally have some peace of mind. How To Manage OCD This Holiday Season Learn To Accept The Uncertainty Confide In A Trusted Loved One Seek Professional Help Sit With The Uncertainty At its core, OCD is about trying to [...]

ADHD & Anxiety: Understanding the Connection

Anxiety and ADHD can both drastically affect all areas of your life, including your relationships, education, and professional advancement. Moreover, research shows that having ADHD significantly increases your risk of having anxiety as well. If you’re struggling with both of these conditions in Glendale, CA, Dr. Taji Huang can help you take back your life. What Is ADHD? ADHD is an extremely common neurodevelopmental condition that begins in childhood and continues throughout your life, although the way the symptoms manifest themselves [...]

5 Ways to Cope with College Stress

Today's college students are under more pressure than ever before, with 80% of students saying they are "sometimes or often" stressed out. If you're struggling with school-related anxiety or mental health issues, we've put together 5 ways to cope with stress in college. Try To Stay Organized Get Enough Sleep, Eat Healthily, & Stay Active Make Time For Yourself Get In Touch With Your Professors See A Therapist If Necessary 1. Try To Stay Organized College classes are a lot harder than high [...]

Eating Disorders & The Self Injury Link

Can having an eating disorder put you at risk for self-harm behaviors, or vice versa? If you or someone you care for struggles with self-harm or an eating disorder, Dr. Taji Huang is here to help you in Glendale, CA. As a licensed therapist and psychologist, she can help you develop a healthier body image, so you can give yourself the kindness you deserve. Signs & Symptoms Of Disordered Eating How do you know if you have an eating disorder anyway? [...]

Panic Attack vs. Anxiety Attack: How to Tell The Difference

]Our bodies each possess a complex fight-or-flight response meant to keep us out of danger, but sometimes this system can work against us and cause extreme anxiety and panic. Learn more about the difference between these stressful responses and what you can do about them for a happier, healthier life. What Is A Panic Attack? Panic attacks can occur when your body's autonomous fight-or-flight response kicks in during a situation where you aren't actually in physical danger. They may happen in [...]

So You Think You Want an Open Marriage?

Are you considering an open marriage? This is a topic many couples discuss at some point. You are not alone in considering an open relationship. Dr. Taji Huang, PhD, is an experienced couples' and marriage counselor based in Glendale, CA. She is available to assist you and your spouse with deciding if this step is right for your relationship. What Is An Open Marriage Or Relationship? An open marriage or open relationship can be many different things depending on whom you [...]

10 Tips To Stay Productive & Positive While Working From Home

It can be challenging to maintain a positive attitude and good mental health when working from home. Not only can the strain of the Coronavirus pandemic take a toll, but the lack of engagement with peers and coworkers, along with the daily monotony, can affect your mental health - contributing to a negative thought spiral. Some of the negative effects of working remotely can include: Loneliness & Isolation Increased Anxiety Intense Work Pressure Sleep Disruptions Anger & Irritability Fear Of [...]

Dealing With FOMO During COVID-19

Does COVID-19 have you feeling like you’re on the inside looking out more and more? The fear of missing out (FOMO) when you have to stay in can make already present feelings of anxiety and loneliness worse right now. At the office of Dr. Taji Huang, we want to help you rise above the worries weighing you down with positive strategies and mental health tips. Start A Gratitude Practice Slow Down In Mindful Ways Develop Social Media Awareness Talk [...]