Online Counseling

Dr. Taji is a licensed psychologist who offers online counseling to patients in California. She has experience counseling patients through various media applications such as FaceTime or Skype. Online counseling is a convenient way to speak to a licensed psychologist from the privacy and comfort of your home. For those looking for a professional psychologist, this is an opportunity to be counseled by Dr. Taji without having to travel a long distance to meet with her.

Off-Site Counseling

Dr. Taji offers counseling off-site counseling, long distance counseling, counseling from home, and online therapy. Contact Dr. Taji for more information about her availability to communicate with you for off-site counseling via the internet at home, school or another appropriate facility. She has extensive experience helping those in need of various approaches to counseling. If you are a busy person with a hectic schedule, this is an easy and effective way to get the help you need without spending time driving to an appointment.

Long Distance Counseling

If you are not located in the Glendale area or have difficulty physically attending therapy sessions, Dr. Taji provides long distance counseling through Skype and FaceTime for your convenience. She is capable of providing professional mental health care without having to be physically in the room with a patient. Having a therapy session with Dr. Taji via the internet on your tablet, computer or through FaceTime on your smartphone is a convenient way to receive professional counseling.

Counseling From Home

Recently, an increased number of psychologists are making their practices more viral allowing patients to communicate through the internet. This is a convenient way for patients to attend therapy sessions without leaving home.

Follow the steps below to initiate your online therapy session with Dr. Taji Huang:

  • Call Taji to discuss your therapy needs.
  • Send payment through PayPal for your session.
  • Complete New Patient Forms and email them to Dr. Taji.
  • You must be California resident with proof of residency and copy of your California photo ID in order to be a patient.
  • Give Dr. Taji your Skype ID and set a time and date for your session.
  • On the date you have set, Dr. Taji will call you to meet with her via Skype or FaceTime, whichever you prefer.

Call Dr. Taji today for more information about setting up your first appointment with her via Skype or FaceTime.