Media Appearances

Media AppearancesAs a distinguished expert in psychology, Dr. Taji Huang, Ph.D., brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and insights that captivate audiences across various media platforms. From engaging podcasts to insightful TV interviews, Dr. Huang is a seasoned communicator who excels at breaking down complex topics into understandable, relatable conversations.

Media Appearances

Dr. Taji Huang has made impactful appearances on a range of media outlets, sharing her expertise and engaging in thought-provoking discussions. Her insightful commentary and deep understanding of mental health have made her a sought-after guest for various shows, podcasts, and other media forms.

  1. Podcast with The EMBC Network with Hurricane H: In this episode with Chatters that Matter, Dr. Huang delves into mental health issues with rappers, music artists, and other celebrities, shedding light on key aspects and providing practical insights that resonate.

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Dr. Taji Huang’s commitment to sharing knowledge extends to her availability for media engagements and speaking opportunities, as well as consulting for TV, Film, and Manuscript writing. If you’re interested in having Dr. Huang as a guest on your show, podcast, or other media platform, don’t hesitate to reach out! Her ability to connect with audiences and deliver valuable insights will undoubtedly enhance your content or event.