Postpartum Depression

Dr. Taji Huang is a psychologist and life coach with many years of experience in helping women and their spouses or partners navigate the difficult days and months that follow childbirth. If you live in the Glendale, CA area and believe you have postpartum depression, consider making an appointment for postpartum depression therapy with Dr. Taji Huang Ph.D.

Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

Pregnancy and childbirth take a toll on every mother’s body. Between the physical trauma of the birthing process and the flood of hormonal changes, it is no wonder that many new moms experience a wide range of emotions during the postpartum recovery period.

In fact, the American Pregnancy Association reports that as many as 70-80% of new mothers experience some degree of baby blues, such as mood swings and negative feelings, after giving birth.

Is It More Than Just The Baby Blues?

Postpartum depression, also known as PPD, is a more serious but very treatable form of depression that affects 10-20% of new moms. Feeling stressed, anxious, irritable, sad, and overwhelmed is very normal after giving birth.

If those feelings persist for more than a couple of weeks, you should consider getting help from a professional counselor. This is especially true if you have symptoms such as:

  • Severe Mood Swings
  • Trouble Bonding With Your Baby
  • Reduced Pleasure In Favorite Activities
  • Unable To Make Decisions
  • Overeating, Or Not Eating Enough
  • Excessive Crying
  • Severe Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • Fears That You Are Not A Good Mother
  • Withdrawing From Family & Friends
  • Recurring Thoughts Of Hopelessness, Death, Suicide, Or Self-Harm
  • Thoughts Of Harming Your Baby

Getting Treatment For Postpartum Depression

With the right professional working alongside you, postpartum depression is highly treatable. Full recovery is highly likely, although the amount of time required varies from person to person.

PPD can stop you from fully bonding with and caring for your baby. It can also affect your relationship with your partner, friends, and other family members. So, it’s better to reach out for help sooner rather than later.

Postpartum Depression Therapy In Glendale, CA

Dr. Taji Huang, Ph.D., wants to help you recover from postpartum depression. She also provides couples therapy and marriage counseling in the Glendale area. Call for an appointment today and let Dr. Taji help you get back on track to being the healthy, happy mother you want to be.

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