Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

Dr. Taji Huang Ph.D. is licensed to provide bipolar disorder therapy in Glendale, CA. She has a vast amount of experience as a bipolar disorder therapist. She has helped many individuals, families, and groups overcome many serious mental illnesses. She is dedicated to providing the best treatment for bipolar disorder by determining the best type of therapy for your unique needs.

What Is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder (BD) is a serious mental disorder also known as manic-depressive illness. It is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, activity levels, mood and the ability to function normally in everyday life situations. The symptoms of this illness may be causing damage to your relationships, your performance on the job, your performance at school, and occasionally cause suicidal thoughts.

These feelings are more severe and harmful than the normal ups and downs of everyday life. 

Causes Of Bipolar Disorder

There are several different causes of bipolar disorder including genetics and brain structure. This disorder tends to run in families, and research suggests that if you have certain genes you are the most likely to develop the symptoms. This is compared with others who do not have a family history of this mental illness.

Brain imaging tools are able to help scientists and therapists study the brain’s structure and activity to find out what causes bipolar disorder and how it may differ from the brains of healthy people. This helps bipolar disorder therapist like Dr. Taji provide you with the most updated and individualized evidence-based therapies available. 

Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder

If you have bipolar disorder you may be experiencing intense and distinct mood episodes. These episodes show a drastic change in your usual behavior and mood. They can be scary and confusing. A bipolar disorder counselor knows how to help.

When you are overly happy or excited, this is called a manic episode. When you are extremely hopeless and sad, this state is called a depressive episode. You can also have episodes that are part both mania and depression, which is called a mixed state.

Bipolar Disorder Therapy

For bipolar disorder therapy, contact Dr. Taji Huang Ph.D. today. Bipolar disorder is treated over an extended period of time by a borderline personality disorder (BD) doctor. This illness cannot be cured but rather can be managed effectively over time. With treatment, you can gain better control over your mood swings and other symptoms.

Dr. Taji Huang is a bipolar disorder counselor in Glendale who is dedicated to helping you better manage your emotions in order to live a fuller life. If you or a loved one may be suffering from the effects of this disorder let us help you. Call and schedule an appointment today.

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