Depression Therapist


Dr. Taji Huang Ph.D. is a depression therapist in Glendale, CA. Individuals suffering from depression have become an all too common occurrence in today’s society. It’s always hard to know whom to trust or where to turn when looking for professional help.  Dr. Taji is a dedicated professional who assists individuals through difficult periods of their lives with the intent to maximize her patient’s potential to lead a successful and productive life. As a psychologist in specializing in treating patients suffering from depression, Dr. Taji Huang will work diligently to help you begin your journey to a better tomorrow.

Getting Help For Depression

Dr. Huang has spent years of her life developing her ability to understand human behavior. She knows that millions of Americans are suffering from depression. Depression is more than feeling of sadness. Symptoms of depression can range from intense feelings of sadness to loss of interest in things that you would normally enjoy. Depression is a medical illness and being a medical illness means that it is treatable with the right help. Dr. Taji has studied these various treatments for depression and has the knowledge and understanding to help her patients in work through it.

It’s Not Your Fault

Depression affects how a person feels, behaves, and even thinks. Depression can often lead to emotional and or physical problems. Dr. Taji Huang is a licensed psychologist and therapist who has helped numerous patients in Glendale cope with their feelings of depression. Dr. Huang’s patients are treated with the utmost level of care in a relaxed, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere designed to have a positive impact on her patient’s treatments. Dr. Huang knows that each person is different and approaches each situation based on that person’s individual needs.  As your depression therapist, Dr. Taji Huang wants you to know that there are many different options to treat this condition.

You Have Options

There are various treatments for depression that typically includes a combination of psychotherapy and medication. Psychotherapy is designed to help patients suffering from depression overcome negative attitudes and feelings and enables them return to a normal lifestyle. Drug therapy is designed to treat symptoms that are a result of abnormalities in brain circuits that control your mood, thinking, and behavior. There is no cookie-cutter approach to treating Depression and Dr. Huang will approach treatment with each patient according to his or her needs. Dr. Taji takes the time to listen to her patients and genuinely has their wellbeing at heart.

Depression Therapist In Glendale

Dr. Taji Huang is a depression counselor in Glendale specializing in all forms of mental illness. Let Dr. Taji in Glendale show you how it feels to live without depression. We accept many forms of insurance. Please call the office of Dr. Taji Huang today if you should have any questions about depression therapy or if you would like to set up an appointment.

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