Couples Therapy

Dr. Taji Huang is an experienced couples counselor who can give you the guidance and tools needed to help your relationship thrive. Relationships take a lot of work, and sometimes the intervention of a professional is needed to strengthen these connections.

Marriage Counseling

Take the first step to a stronger, healthier marriage with Dr. Taji Huang, a licensed psychologist who specializes in marriage counseling in Glendale, CA. She aims to help couples trapped in a web of confusion, searching for hope and understanding, and in need of new ways to improve communication. Can Counseling Help Your Marriage? Working with a counselor can be helpful when you are facing marriage challenges. Navigating the stormy seas of a relationship can become even more challenging over the [...]

Couples Counseling

Dr. Taji Huang, Ph.D. provides couples counseling in Glendale, California. Couples, whether struggling or not, can use therapy to help them manage relationships and foster a healthy level of communication. The result is often a deeper level of bonding and strengthening in the lives of all people involved. Build A Healthier Relationship Relationships of all types take a lot of work, and sometimes the intervention of a professional is needed to bolster these connections and help us withstand the daily stressors [...]

Divorce Counseling

If you're seeking divorce counseling services, Dr. Taji Huang PhD in Glendale, California can help you get through one of the most difficult situations a person can face. As an adult psychologist and life coach, Dr. Taji can guide you through the complex emotions that accompany this life-changing and extremely stressful event. Effective counseling techniques can assist you in the transition to a happier new life.Achieve An Amicable Split In some cases, you may still be uncertain as to whether [...]

Infertility & Family Planning Counselor

Dr. Taji Huang, Ph.D. is an experienced and caring infertility and family planning counselor in Glendale, CA. Whether struggling with infertility, or in the midst of making family planning decisions, she can help you navigate the emotional turmoil and difficulties that can arise. There are many ways that therapy can help in this process. Big Decisions, High Stakes Making family planning and infertility treatment decisions can lead you on a journey full of life-changing decisions, and often, high stakes. A licensed [...]

Sexual Trauma & Sexual Dysfunction

If you suffer from sexual trauma or sexual dysfunction, Dr. Taji Huang, practicing in the Glendale area, is here to provide the supportive therapy you need to help you deal with the aftermath. Let her open the door leading you from “victim” to “survivor”. With her expert care and advice, you can experience a full, healthy, and loving sex life. Sexual Trauma Counseling Sexual trauma such as rape or abuse can dramatically impact your emotional and physical health and well-being and [...]