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Anorexia Counselor

If you are looking for anorexia treatment for yourself or a loved one, contact Dr. Taji Huang in Glendale, California today. Dr. Taji understands the underlying causes of eating disorders like anorexia. She can help you find the root of your suffering and help you to heal. Stop worrying about food and start worrying about yourself with effective therapy from an anorexia counselor.

Get Anorexia Help Today

The sooner you get help for your anorexia, the better your chance of healing will be. Even if this is something you’ve struggled with for years, there is help. Don’t let the effects of this disorder continue to deplete your energy, hurt your body, kill your relationships, and fill your time.

Stop Letting Food Rule Your Life

Your birthday is coming up. Everyone wants to get together for dinner. Your mom wants to know what kind of cake you want this year. For m, st people this is an exciting time. For an anorexic person, here comes the stress.

If this scenario would immediately cause you stress or worry about food, it’s time to seek the help of an anorexia therapist. Let Dr. Taji turn your special day or even everyday events like lunch with a friend, a date, or pancake Saturdays into times of joy again instead of a struggle.

Signs Of Anorexia

If you are not sure if you suffer from anorexia or are worried about a friend or family member who may have an eating disorder, the list below may contain some familiar signs or behaviors:

  • A big loss in weight.
  • Always worrying about food.
  • Obsesses with counting calories.
  • Feeling the need to exercise to make up for food intake.
  • Never missing your exercise routine.
  • Avoiding situations where there might be food.
  • Cutting out groups of foods.
  • Always feeling ‘fat’.
  • Hiding under many layers of clothing.
  • Not liking to eat in public.

These are just some of the signs of anorexia or anorexia nervosa. If you see yourself in this list or many of these behaviors describe someone you know, call Dr. Taji and get help today. The underlying cause of these habits is not food. You will never be thin enough to solve your problems. Let your anorexia doctor help you find the real cause of your stress and worry so you can tackle it together.

Anorexia Treatment In Glendale

If you are tired of punishing yourself with exercise, avoiding and hiding things from friends and family, and constantly thinking of ways to avoid food or calories, let us help. Contact anorexia therapist Dr. Taji Huang in Glendale today.


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