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Bulimia Help

If you are in need of bulimia treatment in the Glendale area, Dr. Taji Huang can help. She understands that the underlying cause of this disorder is not actually the food you eat. Something deeper is causing your stress, fear, and guilt. Help is near and hope is just a phone call away.

Take Control Of Bulimia

You’re so proud of how well you’ve stuck to your diet lately. You feel thinner and more attractive. Then, the cravings hit. You take ‘just one bite’ and then decide you’ve failed. Again. So, why not just eat the whole thing. After all, you know how to get rid of it later. The whole gallon of ice cream, the whole cake, the whole bag of candy.

Next is the guilt. You feel so fat. It’s time to purge by secretly throwing up, using laxatives, or exercising. Or, maybe it’s just time to stop eating for a while to make up for the mistake. The mistake you made again. It’s time to stop this cycle. As a bulimia therapist, Dr. Taji can help.

Signs Of Bulimia

Some of us who suffer from bulimia may appear too thin or underweight to those around us. The majority of us, however, are of average weight or are even overweight. This makes this condition so much more easy to hide. If you are unsure if you have bulimia or are concerned for a loved one, some of the following may seem familiar:

  • Using the restroom right after meals.
  • Excessive exercise even when you feel tired or sick or the weather is bad.
  • Using laxatives or throwing up to try and erase calories.
  • Eating large amounts food in one sitting knowing you will purge it later.
  • Making time to binge and purge ahead of time.
  • Fasting or exercising to punish yourself for bingeing.
  • Feeling like you have no control while bingeing.

These rituals and behaviors take over your life. Bulimia treatment can help. Call Dr. Taji, your Bulimia counselor. Get relief from the stress, fear, and guilt. Hope is just a phone call away.

Get Bulimia Help In Glendale

If you are looking for a bulimia doctor in Glendale, Dr. Taji Huang can help. She will tailor your bulimia treatment to meet your specific circumstances. A bulimia counselor can help you identify and treat the underlying cause of this disorder. Get relief. Get help. Contact Dr. Taji Huang today.

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