Cutting & Self-Harm: Is My Teen A Suicide Risk?

Teen Self Harm Suicide

Dr. Taji Huang, PhD in Glendale, CA, can help you navigate complicated parenting issues like self-injury and determine whether this is a sign that your teen is a suicide risk. Self-harm is a growing epidemic among teens and young adults. Not every teen who cuts or burns is suicidal, but sometimes underlying mental health issues can lead to suicidal thoughts and triggers.

Signs Of Self-Injury

There are many methods of self-harm that teens may try. Non-suicidal self-injury is on the rise as teens, and young adults deal with various mental health issues and anxiety disorders. This behavior can temporarily relieve overwhelming emotions and anxieties. Some of the common methods include:

Increased Suicide Risk

While not every adolescent who harms themselves also displays suicidal behavior, it is a leading risk factor and a significant warning sign, especially if other factors are involved. Seek professional help immediately if you suspect someone you love may be suicidal. Signs of suicidal ideation and risk vary. Some of the warning signs are less obvious than others.

  • Impulsive Behavior
  • Increased Aggression
  • History Of Mental Health Problems
  • Mood Disorders
  • Feelings Of Hopelessness
  • Substance Abuse
  • Previous Suicide Attempts Or Ideation

Who Is At Risk?

Teens and youth who engage in self-harming behaviors are 17 times more likely to die by suicide and 34 times more likely to die of a drug overdose. Females are three times more likely to harm themselves than males. Knowing the risk factors and acting quickly to secure therapy is the best way to protect youth from long-term effects or suicide.

Getting Help Saves Lives

Although it can be overwhelming to realize that someone you love is hurting themselves and at risk for suicide, early intervention is vital. A licensed therapist can offer help for the person in crisis, as well as parents and loved ones who are part of their support system.

The pain and trauma surrounding suicide affect everyone involved. Treatments vary, depending on the underlying issues, but counseling is a proven and effective method of help.

Get Therapy Support In Glendale

If you or someone you love are struggling in the Glendale area with cutting, burning, or other forms of self-injury and are experiencing suicidal thoughts, don’t delay in seeking treatment. Dr. Taji Huang, PhD is an experienced psychologist who can implement the treatments needed to heal and achieve good mental health. Contact her today to set up an appointment.

If this is an emergency, please contact the national suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255.

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