Cutting & Self Harm Triggers

Self Harm

Dr. Taji Huang, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist who provides therapy services to help you stop cutting and self-harm triggers in Glendale, CA. This behavior affects nearly a quarter of all teens, and it is preventable with treatment and professional guidance.

What Is Cutting?

Cutting is a form of self-harm where people, usually teens and tweens, injure or mutilate a part of their bodies. Common locations are arms and legs, but cutting, carving, burning, biting, and other forms of self-injury can be inflicted almost anywhere.

Trying To Understand

Those who engage in cutting say they experience temporary relief from painful or complicated emotions. However, this behavior often triggers a shame spiral that is difficult to end.

Easy To Miss Cutting Warning Signs

Because many forms of cutting are easy to hide, it also means the warning signs are also easy to miss. Both teens and adults who are engaging in cutting behaviors are usually very good at keeping it a secret.

There are some red flags to look out for, which may include:

  • Wearing Long Sleeves & Pants, Even In Hot Weather
  • Scars, Especially In Particular Patterns
  • Excessive Rubbing In One Area
  • Constant Fresh Wounds
  • Negative Statements
  • Feelings Of Worthlessness Or Hopelessness

Finding & Eliminating Self-Harm Triggers

Self-harm triggers are different for each person and will need to be explored with the guidance and support of a qualified therapist. For some people, it’s certain situations or people groups. For others, cutting is triggered by bullying or stems from abuse or trauma.

Although far from conclusive, here are some common self harm triggers:

  • A Particular Person Or Group
  • Difficult Social Settings
  • Sensory Overload
  • Social Isolation
  • Bullying
  • Abuse

Self-Abuse Is Treatable

With consistent therapy, it is possible to stop engaging in self-mutilation. A therapist like Dr. Taji Huang PhD, who specializes in self-harm treatment, will be able to help you get to the root cause of the problem.

Then she can teach coping mechanisms and strategies to help you, or your loved one, stop cutting. You don’t have to struggle with the pain and guilt of engaging in this behavior.

Get Help For Self Harm and Cutting In Glendale

Dr. Taji Huang, Ph.D. specializes in therapy for those engaged in cutting or other types of self-injury and is ready to assist you in Glendale, CA, and the surrounding areas. A healthier version of you is waiting to emerge. Contact her today to schedule your first therapy appointment and find the support and relief you need.

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