Anxiety Counselor


Dr. Taji Huang is a licensed anxiety counselor in Glendale who specializes in treating adults. She is dedicated to helping you manage or overcome this stressful condition. She can help you choose the best method of treatment for your individual needs.

What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety can cause apprehension, fear, nervousness, and worry. This type of mental health concern can affect how you feel and behave. As you may already know, it can even cause real physical symptoms. Mild cases can be uncomfortable and unsettling. Severe cases can be a serious problem and can affect the quality of your everyday life. This is why it is important to seek out an anxiety therapist for help.

It is common to experience some fear or a sense of worry when being confronted with a challenging situation such as an exam, interview, speech, or recital. These types of feelings are perfectly normal. Severe anxiety, on the other hand, interferes with your ability to function normally in your daily life or causes you to have trouble sleeping. If you think you or a loved one may have this disorder, let Dr. Taji Huang, anxiety counselor help.

Types Of Anxiety Disorders

There are several common types of anxiety disorders including:

Each of these types of disorders is treatable through a variety of customizable therapy options. Let us help determine which type of disorder you may have and help find the best treatment to meet your unique individual needs. Dr. Taji is the anxiety therapist for you.

How Is Anxiety Treated?

As an anxiety counselor, Dr. Taji can treat you in a variety of different personalized ways including:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is used to treat conditions by focusing on identifying, understanding, and changing thinking and behavior patterns. You can usually see the results of this therapy option within 2-3 months depending on your unique situation. By combining acceptance and change, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is another treatment used by Dr. Taji in her treatments as an anxiety therapist.  This involves individual and group therapy to help you learn skills for interpersonal effectiveness, regulate emotions, deal with distress, and learn to be mindful.

Visiting An Anxiety Counselor In Glendale

Meet Dr. Taji Huang, your new anxiety counselor in Glendale. Call to schedule an appointment with her today. You are not alone. Let Dr. Taji help you find the road to relief.

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