Dealing With FOMO During COVID-19


Does COVID-19 have you feeling like you’re on the inside looking out more and more? The fear of missing out (FOMO) when you have to stay in can make already present feelings of anxiety and loneliness worse right now. At the office of Dr. Taji Huang, we want to help you rise above the worries weighing you down with positive strategies and mental health tips.

  • Start A Gratitude Practice
  • Slow Down In Mindful Ways
  • Develop Social Media Awareness
  • Talk To A Therapist

Trade “I Want” For “I Have”

According to The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, FOMO “refers to feelings of anxiety that arise from the realization that you may be missing out on rewarding experiences that others are having.” In reference to the pandemic, you might be feeling bad about the fun you perceive others to be having while you’re stuck in a socially distanced world. You want the pleasure you think others are having.

  • Feeling Of Extreme Loneliness
  • Deep Feelings Of Envy
  • Increased Feelings Of Unhappiness
  • Learning About Activities Others Are Enjoying Makes You Anxious
  • You Are Constantly Checking Social Media Updates

One of the first ways to combat these negative feelings is to shift your focus from what you don’t have to what you do by starting a gratitude practice. This could be as simple as developing a morning meditation or prayer routine focused on the things you are thankful for. If you love lists or journaling, a daily gratitude journal may be your solution.

Be Here, Now

Another good habit that can start to shift your focus from what’s going on “out there” is to become more mindful about habits and routines happening “in here.” Mindfulness, again, can start with a dedicated time to meditate with an emphasis on really feeling your breaths and body.

Other simple ways to invite mindfulness into your every day are to slow down while you eat — and really taste your food. Or, take a walk and really let yourself focus on what you see, feel, and hear instead of what you have to do next.

The point is to quiet the parts of you that feel like less because of FOMO and refocus them on appreciation for where you are, starting with the little things.

Step Away From Your Phone

As human beings, it’s natural to crave face-to-face connection with others. So, it’s no wonder that in times when we have to stay apart that one of the first places we go to get our social fix is to social media. Unfortunately, excess social media usage can make FOMO worse for a number of reasons.

  • Pandemic restrictions are different in different areas.
  • COVID-19 restrictions have also been very unpredictable — lifting one day and then tightening the next.
  • Social media representations of life are still just as unrealistic.
  • Family members and friends may be more or less careful right now.

So, your best FOMO-relief solution might just be to stop comparing your now with everyone else’s by spending less time online.

Help For When FOMO Get’s Out Of Hand

If your fear of missing out during COVID-19 doesn’t seem to decrease no matter what you try, you may benefit from some one-on-one time with a professional therapist. Therapy can help you get to the real root of your feeling and personalize tools that fit your unique concerns and lifestyle right now.

Get Help In The Glendale Area

This pandemic has been hard on everyone. Even though current events may have disrupted your routine, you don’t have to let feelings that you are missing out rob your joy. Contact the office of Dr. Taji Huang today for help with COVID-related FOMO. Schedule your consultation today and start feeling better.

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