10 Self-Care Tips For Singles On Valentines Day

SIngles Self Care Valentines

Single this Valentine’s Day? Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, flowers, and jewelry ads can leave you feeling like everyone is in a relationship except you. With so much emphasis on romance, it is no wonder many singles dislike this day.

As a self-esteem, depression, and anxiety counselor, Dr. Taji Huang, Ph.D. understands these seasonal struggles. Instead of focusing on your singleness in a negative way, here are 10 ways to practice self-care during Valentine’s Day this year.

1. Do What You Love

A bonus of being single is that you can do whatever you want on this day and every day. Plan around activities you enjoy, so you will look forward to the day rather than dread it.

  • Play A Sport
  • Draw Or Paint
  • Dance
  • Go On A Hike
  • Visit A Park
  • Reread A Favorite Book
  • Play With Your Pet(s)

2. Engage In Mindful Activities

Leave the past in the past and be here now. Make the day meaningful by connecting to your breath in yoga or meditation. Write in a journal if your emotions are heavy and difficult. List what you are grateful for to benefit your mindset.

3. Treat Yourself

Buy flowers or chocolate or a treat for yourself. Just because you are single doesn’t mean you can’t receive a gift, and bonus – you know you’re going to love it.

4. Call A Loved One

Reach out to a friend or family member who lives alone or who you haven’t connected with in a while. There are many valuable relationships outside of romantic ones. You may both benefit from catching up and hearing each other’s voices.

5. Make Someone Else’s Day

Doing something kind for a friend brightens their day and also improves your mood. Send a small gift to a bestie: baked goods, a fruit basket, a favorite book, or an invitation to do something together.

6. Plan A Singles Party

Get together with single friends and have an evening filled with laughter by watching a comedy and playing favorite games. They will appreciate having fun with others this holiday too.

7. Keep Your Routine

Another way to take care of yourself is to stay busy. Get up to do a workout, go to work, and run errands like normal. Finish a side project or fix something, so you will be pleased about what you accomplished.

8. Avoid Romance Triggers

Skip the sappy movies, romantic music, and couple selfies on social media. Why torture yourself with entertainment that could leave you feeling lonely and depressed?

9. Pretend It’s February 15

Pretend you’ve hurdled over Valentine’s Day and celebrate Singles Awareness Day instead. Go about your day as normal and tell yourself it’s just a date on the calendar.

10. Get Therapy In California For Valentine’s Day Support

If you have feelings of anxiety or depression surrounding Valentine’s Day, make an appointment with a counselor. Singles, couples with relationship problems, troubled marriages, and new divorcees can all benefit this time of year. Call Dr. Taji Huang in Glendale, California today.

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