Meet Our Team

At the office of Dr. Taji Huang, we are excited to announce and introduce you to our staff. By thoughtfully growing our therapeutic team, we are able to extend even more benefits to you. All work is overseen by Taji, and we only hire the best. So, you can be sure that you are in good hands.

  • Extended Office Hours
  • More Appointment Availability
  • You Can Still Use Insurance
  • Standard Appointment Lengths – 1+ Hours

Dr. Matthew M. Givrad

PhD. PsyD.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
Internal Family Systems
Attachment-based therapies
Peer-Support Specialist
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Psy 32668

Dr. Givrad is an educator and psychotherapist familiar with theories and processes involved in effective psychoeducation and psychotherapy. He has a collaborative style in working with his clients that promotes goal setting for lifestyle enhancement and change and is committed to supporting his clients in their mental and emotional health and pursuing life satisfaction.

Sometimes clients come to therapy with their goals already formulated and seek help exploring how they can achieve them. Other times they are not certain where they want to go in life and therefore are seeking help with formulating their goals and mapping out how to achieve them. In either case, Dr. Givrad’s approach to therapy and counseling is collaboration and joint exploration.

When clients experience anxiety and depression, therapy often involves untangling the web of past events and processing traumas that impede progress. Dr. Givrad is educated and skilled in treating complex traumas and trauma processing techniques of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Internal Family Systems (IFS).

Many clients come to therapy seeking resolution of specific problems they are facing. In these cases, Dr. Givrad uses Solution Focused Therapy and Brief Psychotherapy techniques, which are the most effective and expedient for these situations.

The language of children and adolescents is their behaviors. Dr. Givrad has had three years of clinical experience assessing and treating anxiety and depression in children and adolescents using behavioral performance management techniques and is experienced in cooperation with child and adolescent psychiatrists and social workers.

Dr. Givrad earned his doctorate in education (Ph.D.) from the University of Southern California, and a doctorate in clinical psychology (PsyD.) from California Sothern University, and is a graduate of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration’s program in Peer Support and Self-Help Recovery, which incorporates the effective use of 12-step programs in support of individual therapy.

Matthew Profile Pic

Service Highlights

  • He Speaks Farsi, & English
  • He Performs Trauma Processing
  • He Provides Cultural Competencies
    • American
    • Persian
    • Arabic
    • Arminian
    • Islamic
    • Hispanic
    • Japanese
    • Philippino

Dr. Angelina Zarokian


Behavior Therapist
Board Registered Psychological Assistant
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

Dr. Angelina Zarokian is a graduate of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and has a Psy.D in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Zarokian’s research interest lies in the differential diagnosis between Autism and ADHD.

Dr. Zarokian has gained her Pre Doctoral training experience working with varied populations with psychological and developmental issues along with working with the geriatric population, adults, adolescents, children, families, and couples. She has also worked with individuals with mood disturbances, stress related problems, and co-occurring substance use problems.

Dr. Zarokian has worked in varying settings, including school settings, private practice settings, home settings, program facilities, and recovery centers. Currently, Dr. Zarokian has accumulated over 2500 pre and post-doctoral hours towards licensure.

Dr. Zarokian is trained in multiple Psychological Assessments and conceptualizes client problems using a dynamic, process-oriented Existential-Humanistic approach, utilizing psychodynamic therapy interventions as appropriate for each individual client.

Dr. Zarokian also utilizes evidence-based therapy, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. She incorporates mindfulness techniques in her treatment. Dr. Zarokian’s approach to therapy encompasses a warm and compassionate style while still therapeutically challenged clients to elicit internal motivation and change.

Dr. Zarokian is currently working as a registered psychological assistant for Dr. Taji Huang, PhD collecting post-doctoral hours towards licensure.

Angelina Profile Pic

Service Highlights

  • She Speaks Russian, Armenian & English
  • She Performs Psychological Assessments
  • She Provides Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)
    • For Children With ADHD & Autism