Psychology & Therapy (Page 2)

For professional psychology and therapy services in Glendale, CA, choose the practice of Dr. Taji Huang PhD. She provides evidence-based counseling options including both cognitive behavior therapy and dialectical behavior therapy for relief from mental disorders and the daily stresses of life. From self harming therapy to OCD and PTSD, Dr. Taji isn’t afraid to help you tackle the hard things.

Anger Management Counseling

Dr. Taji Huang offers anger management counseling in Glendale, California. If you experience problems controlling your temper, it is possible that a therapist can help. Dr. Taji Huang is a licensed psychologist who provides counseling for patients who have trouble overcoming anger issues. Let her start helping you today. Anger Management In Glendale Those of us who experience chronic anger can also become depressed and experience physical problems such as "stress" headaches and high blood pressure. Over time, this can also lead to [...]

Victims Of Crime & Assault

If you are a victim or witnesses of an assault or any other crime, Dr. Taji Huang is a licensed therapist in Glendale who can help restore your peace of mind. Finding the right counseling service is essential to your recovery process. Seeking therapy can help relieve stress and reduce trauma after these events. Crime & Its Victims Criminal acts occur around us every day. Some common types of crimes include: Domestic Violence Child Abuse Sexual Assault Molestation Homicide Robbery Drunk [...]

Domestic Violence

Dr. Taji Huang PhD provides domestic violence counseling in Glendale. She is dedicated to helping victims of violence and violent crimes. Dr. Taji can provide essential services to victims throughout the Glendale area. Therapy can help alleviate the trauma and often devastating effects of crimes of violence on the lives of the victims and their families. Dr. Taji is a domestic violence counselor who can provide an array of services to help victims become survivors. What Is Domestic Violence? Domestic violence is [...]

Therapy For Sexual Abuse & Rape

Being a surviving victim of sexual abuse and domestic violence can become a debilitating traumatic experience that when left untreated can lead to overwhelming PTSD, anxiety, depression, lower self-esteem, and other social anxiety disorders to further complicate an already stressful situation. If you live near Glendale, California, then luckily you have access to one of the best sexual assault psychologists, Dr. Taji Huang Ph.D. Specializing in severe mental disorders and trauma-related issues, the services and therapies offered are numerous [...]

Sexual Trauma & Sexual Dysfunction

If you suffer from sexual trauma or sexual dysfunction, Dr. Taji Huang, practicing in the Glendale area, is here to provide the supportive therapy you need to help you deal with the aftermath. Let her open the door leading you from “victim” to “survivor”. With her expert care and advice, you can experience a full, healthy, and loving sex life. Sexual Trauma Counseling Sexual trauma such as rape or abuse can dramatically impact your emotional and physical health and well-being and [...]

Exposure Therapy

If you or a loved one suffers from any phobias or anxiety disorders and have been searching for a behavioral specialist, look no further than Glendale California’s individual, couples, and celebrity psychologist Dr. Taji Huang Ph.D. Exposure therapy is a highly effective psychological treatment for a range of social and behavioral mental disorders such as: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Social Anxiety General Phobias Panic Disorder Take Control Over Your Nervousness In Stressful Situations As we experience negative or [...]